Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY Style: Beach Hair

The soft wavy hair trend this summer requires little work. So put your flat iron away and rock some beach hair! Here's how I did it.

spray gel

Step 1: Start with unwashed hair for best results.

Step 2: You will need mousse and spray gel. Place a golf ball size of foam mousse in your hand. (Golf ball size for shoulder-length, tennis ball size for long hair.) Any brand of mousse and spray gel will work.

Step 3: Pump 2 sprays of spray gel into golf ball sized mousse in your hand. Mix mousse and gel by rubbing both hands together. Starting from bottom of hair, use both hands and "scrunch" product on ends of your hair, moving upward. Try to leave roots untouched...putting too much product at roots will give you a glam 80's hairband look, and that's not beachy ;)

Step 4: Let hair air dry and don't brush it!!! Add a colorful hair scarf and now you have beautiful beach hair! Here is my before and after.


Happy Styling,

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