Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Inside: A Sweet Dresser Makeover

Our 4 year old was in need of a dresser to contain her ever-growing amount of clothing. I searched department stores, Target, IKEA, online stores...to find that all of the storage products were made of fiberboard and laminate. Not to mention the chests and dressers I found were all priced above $200!I thought, "There has to be an alternative to faux materials and ugly finishes!" So off to search my local flea markets and thrift shops. During one of three flea market trips, I found a chest of drawers in need of some TLC for $30.

My daughter picked out a semi-gloss color by Valspar called "Tropical Bloom". I would describe it as a blend of melon and coral.  A quart of Valspar signature color is $18.54, so I color-matched a less expensive paint brand (Olympic) at Lowe's $14.48/qt. So here's how I did it. 

semi gloss interior paint (1 quart for small-medium sized dresser)
medium grit sandpaper
medium sized paintbrush
foam paint roller
paint pan

Step 1: I lightly sanded the entire body with medium grit paper to knock off the old stain/shellac.
Step 2: I brushed the paint on with an inexpensive medium sized paintbrush.
Step 3: I then used a foam paint roller to get a smooth finish.

Drawer pulls: I wanted a unique look for the drawer pulls so I used a light grit and sanded the metal for a gold matte texture. 
Dresser $30
Paint $15
Brush $4
Roller $5
Sandpaper - already had some!
Project Total: $54

Happy Makeover,

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