Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Outside: Reviving a Planter

This worn out planter and it's dead contents were screaming at me to do something about it. I can't believe I let this mess grace my entryway for the past few months. The 8+ hours a day of sun and heat scorches most plantlife that I put on the south side of my house. I shopped for plants that were suited to arid soil and hot weather to put in my revived planter. I then repainted this existing planter to put my new plants in. Here is how I did it:

old planter/pot
potting soil if your old planter was empty
summer plants/flowers that are suitable for conditions (low light, all day light, heat, dry soil, moist soil...etc.)
spray paint (I used Valspar "Brown Velvet" satin finish about $3 at Lowe's)

Step 1: Find an old planter that needs some "sprucing" up. Dump out soil and any plant material that is in it. Save soil and reuse it in the planter later.

Step 2: Wipe outside of planter with a dry rag, making sure it's free of dust, dirt, or bugs. Spray paint top half of outside of planter. Let dry 10 minutes, turn planter over onto it's top and spray bottom half of planter. Allow newly painted planter to dry for an hour before using it.

Step 3: Fill planter with soil and flowers. Water and enjoy.

I love breathing new life into old items. Now you have a pretty little pot of flowers for an inviting entryway!

Happy planting,

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