Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Holiday: July 4th Canister

Independence Day is a great time to use your DIY skills. From food and drinks to patio decorations and place settings. Here, I have used an empty coffee canister and painted a red, white & blue pattern on it. This canister will hold forks for a bar-b-que. Let your imagination fill it with flowers, sparklers, drinking straws...what ever brings your celebration a smile.

Empty canister (coffee and baby formula cans work great!)
Red, white & blue spray paint ( I used latex paint and brushed it on.)
painter's or masking tape

Step 1: Using a clean, dry can, paint outside white.

Step 2: Using painter's or masking tape, wrap tape around canister to indicate where your white stripes will be. Stripes can be any thickness!

Step 3: For red and blue stripes, paint non-tapes areas.

Now you have a functional and pretty Independence Day decoration, ready for a rockin' bar-b-que!

Happy celebrating!


  1. This is super cute!