Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Style: Creating a Faux Half-Shaved Hairstyle

I've noticed a lot of celebrities sporting the half-shaved hairstyle right now. I really like unusual and artistic hair, but I can't seem to muster-up the courage to do a full monty on the side of my head. So I came up with a way for you to have the half-shaved look without the commitment of shaving your head. Here is how I did it.

ponytail holder
hairbrush or hands

Step 1: With hair down, create a "deep" side part that starts above your eye. Section off about 6-8" of your bangs. Push hair that remains underneath bang section behind ears on both sides of your head.

Step 2: Take the hair that has been pushed behind your ears and put into a bun. Make sure bun is not directly on top of your head, instead set the bun a little lower to create the faux half-shaved illusion.

Step 3: Let bangs fall to side of face. Now you have a cute and edgy half-shaved look without the shears.

Happy Styling,


  1. I just did this last night! but yours looks 100% better! great post!

  2. you have a cute little head! perfect for that do!