Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY Beauty: Olive Oil Eye Makeup Remover

For years I have used olive oil as skin lotion and as a dry hair treatment. After months of getting traditional eye makeup remover in my eyes, I was on a mission to come up with something natural that would do the same job as the unnatural. I grabbed my little squeezy bottle of olive oil and and put a few drops on a cotton ball, VOILA! The eye makeup and water-proof mascara came right off! So here's how I did it.

olive oil
cotton ball
travel size bottle with lid

Step 1: Fill a travel-sized bottle (I found one at Target for 88 cents!) with olive oil. Make sure the lid fits securely so that oil does not leak onto anything if you decide to throw the bottle into your makeup bag. Note: do a skin allergy test with a drop of olive oil on your wrist before applying it to your eye lids.

Step 2: Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and wipe eye lids. It may take a few swipes of the cotton ball to get lids and lashes clean depending on how much makeup you are wearing. Wipe excess oil away with cotton ball.

Now you've got beautifully, naturally clean eyes ready for your next night out!
Happy beautifying,

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