Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Beauty: Shimmery Shadow

Recently, I've had a lot of people ask me about my shimmering eye shadow so I thought I would do a tutorial on it so everyone could have sparkly eyes! Here is how I did it:

Eye shadow brush
Eye shadow primer
2 metallic eye shadows
Highlighting (lighter) eye shadow
Dark eye shadow

Step 1: On a clean eyelid, apply eye shadow primer. I love Too Faced "Shadow Insurance"($18 at Sephora.) Primer is expensive but it keeps your eye shadow on all day long and it also brightens eye shadow color.

Step 2: After blending primer onto lid, I apply concealer to lid (with finger) to even out skin tone.

Step 3: Apply a base layer of metallic shadow, stopping before brow bone. I like Color Tattoo (cream shadow by Maybelline $7 at drugstore) in Bold Gold, but use a metallic color that you like best!

Step 4: Apply a highlighting (lighter) shadow to brow bone

Step 5: Choose another metallic shadow. I like Wet'n'Wild trios ($2 at drugstore). Apply on lid up to crease.

Step 6: To add depth and make your eyes appear larger, apply a dark shadow to crease only. Again, I used Wet'n'Wild trios in a dark purple.

Step 7: Add eyeliner and mascara to finish your look. Now you have a pretty, silver & gold shimmery eye that's great for an evening out.

Before and After

Here are some bright & bold ideas using more of the Color Tattoo by EyeStudio cream shadows.

Happy creating,

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