Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY Inside: A Housewarming Bouquet

Flowers are a great symbol of a new beginning. So, I like to give flowers (and receive them) as gifts. I prefer homemade arrangements vs. stylized floral shop versions. Here is a simple but beautiful yard bouquet, perfect for a housewarming gift. Since our yard has a variety of flowering plants, ornamental grasses and evergreen trees, I like to cut the arrangement from my own flowers. But, if you don't have your own flowers, purchase a loose bouquet at your local grocer and arrange them with this tutorial.

As a general rule, I like to arrange a bouquet with three elements. 
1) a greenery base 
2) focal piece 
3) accent piece

After I have collected these three elements from my yard, I then arrange them by height. 
greenery= tallest
focal pieces= medium 
accent pieces= shortest 

Choose a vase that is appropriate for the height of your arrangement.
For vases, I like to repurpose vintage glass milk bottles, wine bottles, glass soda bottles, and mason jars. The vase I used in this demonstration is a vintage glass milk bottle that I found at a thrift store for around $2.

Tools you'll need: Gloves, gardening shears or scissors, vase, (ribbon and paper optional.)

Step 1: Collect your 3 elements from your yard or grocery store bouquet.
-Greenery base (ornamental grasses, evergreen branches, or any non-flowering green plants)
-Focal pieces (these are large bright colored flowers)
-Accent pieces (smaller sized flowers, berries on vines, or interesting twigs)

Step 2: Arrange your elements from tallest to shortest. Greenery, focal, then accent pieces.
Step 3: Add a pretty ribbon to your vase and Voila! Now you have a beautiful, personal and easy housewarming (or anytime) gift for someone special.

Step 4: Add a message like "Welcome to the Neighborhood" to vase to make your gift more personal.

Happy creating!


  1. This would be such a thoughtful and creative gift! I know I would love to be on the receiving end! What a great way for the new neighbors to get an idea of the kind of person you are as well.

  2. Nickie, I totally agree! Glad you liked it. I love giving and receiving personable gifts!