Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Inside: Table Scape

If you know me, you know of my love for hosting. I will find any excuse to have a dinner, bbq, or a party because I love to cook and decorate! First and most importantly, I make sure the food is the center piece on a beautiful table. Today, I have created a "girlfriend's lunch" table scape. A table scape sets the mood for your event and lets your guests know that they are important and loved. Use 3 elements to inspire your table: fire, water & earth. Here is how I did it:

Fabric (cut to length of your table)
mason jar filled with water (water element)
fresh flowers
tea light candles (fire element)
books and/or favorite knick-knacks
treebranch or smooth stones (earth element)

Step 1: Measure your table's length. Purchase enough fabric to cover length of table. I purchased this chevron striped material at Hancock fabrics for about $2/yd. Fabric should measure about a yard in width. Fold fabric so that it is 1/3 the width of your table and position in center of table.

Step 2: Purchase fresh flowers at your local grocer's or cut from your own garden and place in mason jar filled with water. This will be the center piece of your table scape. Cut a pretty ribbon and tie around your mason jar vase.

Step 3: Gather items you love. Since this scape is for a girlfriend lunch, I chose books that I loved as a little girl. I added small vintage glass jars & vases that belonged to my grandma. I cut flowers out of a greeting card and glued them on to toothpicks for one of the small jars. I placed a tealight candle in a small globe beside books. Arrange these items on one side of your fresh flower center piece.

Step 4: Add a few small meaningful items to the other side of the center piece. I found some pretty stones and wrote the words, "beautiful, strong, and determined" on them. My daughter picked some small cloves, so I put them in a vintage tincture glass bottle alongside the stones.

Step 5: Arrange place settings, silverware and food around the table scape. Now you are ready for a perfect afternoon of food, conversation and friends.

Happy scaping,

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