Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY: A Father's Day Gift

My husband is somewhat hard to buy gifts for. He is very particular about clothes and cologne, gadgets and music. But over the years, I've realized he really enjoys homemade gifts. It can be anything from cookies to a painted wooden box to keep guitar picks in, he truly loves ideas from the heart. My girls and I spent the morning crafting a sweet little photo project for their special guy. Here is how we did it:

Marker or pencil
White cardstock ( I used 11x14" whiteboard from Target $2)

Step 1: You will be drawing and cutting out the letters "D" and "A" to spell the word DAD. You will only need to draw and cut out one "D" and one "A". Using your ruler, draw letter "D" with pencil or marker onto cardstock.

Step 2: Cut "D" out.

Step 3: On a separate piece of cardstock, draw letter "A" and cut it out.

Step 4: Photograph your children holding the letters. Get creative and remember it doesn't have to be a perfect shot!

 Step 5: Print your photos and frame them. I printed (3) 4x6's at Walgreens for 52 cents!

Now you have a beautiful and meaningful gift for the hero in your children's lives.

Things to remember:
-I gray-scaled my photos, but feel free to keep them colorful.
-White letters will have the most contrast in photos.
-Choose a pretty or interesting background to photograph in front of.
-The letters do not have to be perfect, it is made to look like your children cut them out. If they are old enough, let them do the tracing and cutting themselves.

Happy gifting,


  1. great idea, grace! that's really sweet and very thoughtful!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I know he's going to love it :)