Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY Chef: Date Night Popcorn

Some of our favorite dates have been at home, sharing a movie and a snack. I threw together this delicious and low-fat popcorn mix that includes, roasted almonds, dried cranberries and popcorn. Make it for your next family movie night or an at-home date night. Here is how I did it:

measuring cup
air popper or deep pan with lid and handles
pop corn kernels
Canola oil
popcorn salt
dried cranberries
dry roasted almonds (we love Emerald)
large serving bowl

Step 1: Using an air popper: pop kernels per poppers directions. 
Using a deep pan: coat bottom of pan with Canola oil, usually 1 Tbsp is enough to coat large pan. Note: using too much oil will make your popcorn heavy, chewy and oily!

Step 2: Put pan on high heat, place one kernel in pan. When kernel pops, you can then add 1/2 cup kernels to hot pan. Cover with lid. Using pot holders, grasp pan's handles, gently shake pan back and forth so kernels will not burn. DO NOT leave pan unattended, popcorn will burn!  Note: a ½ cup of unpopped kernels will yield about 4 quarts/16 cups of popped popcorn. This will serve 2-3 people.  

Step 3: After popcorn has popped, remove from heat. Pour into serving bowl and sprinkle popcorn salt throughout. Be careful not to add too much salt. (I've ruined many a perfect bowl of popcorn with way too much salt, so taste testing is highly recommended!)

Step 4: Add 1 cup almonds and 1 cup dried cranberries to popcorn. Mix thoroughly. 
Note: For a chocolatey version, add 1 cup m&m's to your almond, cranberry & popcorn mixture :)

Now you have a yummy snack for a fun night at home!
Happy popping,

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