Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Style: Tattooed Nails

I love experimenting with my nail polish. So one day, when I found some of my four year old's temporary tattoos, I had an idea. I placed the tattoos on my polished nails and had a fun design on them for a week. Thinking I was a genius, I researched the idea of using temp tatts for nail art and it turns out many people have done this and get gorgeous results. You can purchase a sheet of temporary tattoos ($2) at your local Dollar General or big box store. Personally, I like the  temp tatts on amazon.com that look like Henna designs ($1.50)

So here's 4 easy steps to designer nails:
Step 1: Cut tattoos to fit your nails.
Step 2: Apply a base coat polish to nails (lighter color for dark tattoos, darker color for lighter tattoos)
Step 3: After base coat is completely dry (1-2hrs), place tattoos on nails and follow tattoo skin application directions.
Step 4: Apply a clear top coat to seal on tattoo.

Now you have beautifully designed nails that you created yourself!

Happy designing,

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  1. totally awesome idea, thank you so much for sharing it!