Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Style: How to Wear Colored Jeans

I love the colorful jean trend, but I've noticed it can be worn in unflattering ways. I think the biggest mistake women make is pairing the colored jean with brightly colored tops and shoes, turning themselves into a walking rainbow.

For this tutorial, I created the two outfits below on polyvore. Polyvore is a great online tool that allows you to put outfits together virtually...and watch out, it's addictive!
When putting an outfit together, I like to include 3 elements:
1) texture
2) color
3) pattern

Here are five steps using the 3 elements to make a colored jean flatter you.
Step 1: Choose a jean that fits your body type. A boot cut jean suits most body types, while skinny and straight-leg jeans accentuate how large or small your upper-body is.
Step 2: Pair a neutral top with your colored jean. A looser top pairs well with a skinny-leg jean while a fitted top pairs best with a boot cut or flared-leg jean.

Step 3: Choose a shoe that gives a textural element to your outfit. 
Step 4: Accessorize your outfit with a patterned scarf, belt or handbag (but not all three together.)
Step 5: Your colored jean is your color element, so wearing large colorful pieces along with your jean will make the pieces compete against each other making your outfit appear confusing to the eye.

Happy styling with these 5 easy steps!


  1. Great tips! Now to get some colored jeans!

  2. I want to wear the one on the right.... right now!!! :) LOVE IT!! Needs me some colored jeans as well!

  3. There are some incredible pieces here!!!

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